Dec 21, 2008

Business Rule # 3

"Customers know best what they need." (Heed & Goetz).

Most entrepreneurs have failed or will fail to succeed their business ideas because they miss the opportunity to understand the real purpose of why they went or will go into business for at first place. They believe that the reason of why they started or will start their businesses is to fulfill their own needs or dreams and, consequently, to become financially independent.

Most entrepreneurs will set up their ideas to become a reality according to their dream visions, however, most entrepreneur fail to spend time in the single most important part of their business plan, which is their future customers.

A business most important complement of the perfect formula to succeed is its customers, therefore, one thinking in starting his or her own business must understand this particular area of the business very careful, otherwise, without a well thought out plan that clearly identity the importance of its customers, such business is failing to prepare and it is preparing to fail.

When starting a business, the entrepreneur must consider its customers needs every step of the way, the entrepreneur should also proactively accept their customers opinions and feedback, an entrepreneur who listen to his or her customers and try to understand what are in their minds, will likely achieve a more promising career success as an entrepreneur.

Customers are the ones who will keep you in business, without them you do not have a business, that is simple as that.

By: Joe Nogueira

Dec 17, 2008

Business Rule #2

The Peter Drucker Rule: "The sole purpose of business is to serve customers." (Hess, E. D. & Goetz, C.F.)

Many people believe that the reason of why they start a business is because such decision will fulfill their dreams and passions. While such assumption is not wrong, people have tendency to fail to identify the real reason of why they started their business at first place.

The fact to the matter is that, nobody starts a business only to make his or her dreams come through, even though this may be one of the main reasons of why people decide to start their own business but, it is very common to find entrepreneurs that seek to provide a good or service that nobody else is currently doing it or that, at least, that the product or service is not been offered in the way that he or she wanted to and because of such assumption, when people go on with his or her idea to open such a business, it is very common to notice that people will practice such business in a way that will satisfy him or herself and, consequently, the business owner will have the tendency to forget the real reason of why he or she is in business for.

Nobody should start a business thinking that such business will exist to fulfill his or her own needs. Businesses exist to satisfy their customers by fulfilling their needs and not their owners. In fact, entrepreneurs that fail to recognize such an important principle will be committing a serious mistake in starting his or her own business because it will certainly fail.

Businesses exist for the simple reason of satisfying and fulfilling a need for a product or service that is not currently available in the market place or that is not been offered at the desired level for their customers, therefore, those who are planning to start a new business must understand this vital concept and carefully analyze his or her business plan to assure that such fundamental principle is carefully crafted into their business strategic planning.

By: Joe Nogueira

Dec 16, 2008

Business Rule #1

"The Jerry McGuire Rule: Follow the Money--Cash is King." from the book "So, You Want to Start a Business? (by: Hess, E D. & Goetz C. F.)

Throughout my education in business, accounting, finance and management, I learned that any given person starts a business because of a simple reason, which is to make make money, a lot of money. Such ambition is perfectly normal and understandable. The fact is that, we all want to become financially independent and fulfill the dreams of our lives. Well, if we want to follow the path to make money, there is no better way than to open and run our own businesses and become our own bosses.

I have also learned from my own experiences that, it does not matter how happy we are with our current jobs, even if such jobs are the jobs of our dreams. The fact to the matter is that, we will never achieve our ultimate dreams of becoming financially independent because of the rules and limitations already established by our bosses for the positions we hold at the company that we work for. It is a fact that our bosses will always put a limit in what we can and cannot do, which consequently, it will bring frustration and deception to our lives and, our ultimate goals of achieving the so called "dream life" will slowly vanish in the horizon of our lives and, if we don't take any action before is too late, it might well be too late for some of us.

I am a kind of a person who believe that anybody can achieve his or her aspirations, dreams and passions, however, in order to do that, this someone must act. So, if you want to become wealth and you have a great idea, you should never give up your dreams, you must prepare yourself, your might, mind and soul and go to work for it. Don't never give up! If you want to make money and you have an idea, you must first believe in your idea and, then, you will be able to make others believers, that is how you business will give the first sign of live and before you know it, your company will have a name and address and, before you know it, you will have faithful customers.

Do You Plan to Start a Business?

Do You Plan to Start a Business? But you don't know how to start it, do you?

In today's economic crisis people are getting laid off from their long time jobs which they once considered to be their ideal career, now, they are facing the ever growing unemployment trend and, things are getting even more complicated as the days go by.
With this economic problems, people must stop and ponder about the challenges that they are currently facing and strive to find alternative solutions to their individual problems. Some people will consider to look for inferior jobs with lower pay, others are considering to open their own business but, whatever it may be your alternative solution, it is important that you analyze carefully your choices to make sure that it is the right one.
For those who are planning to open their own business, I have decided to write about a few rules that it must be considered vital for your future business success. In total that are fifty business rules that it must be taken seriously because, the success of your business depends on major part of learning and practicing these rules on your future business ideas.

Before, I go ahead and write about these business rules, I would like to give the credits for the authors of such rules, Mr. Edward D. Hess and Charles F. Goetz, they wrote an excellent book about this business rules called "So You Want to Start a Business?". I have learned a great deal from this particular book and, therefore, I felt a great desire in sharing some of it with you.

Dec 5, 2008

What Do You Expect From Your Life?

What do you Expect from your life?

This is a question that I ask myself every single day and, sometimes, it seems to me that I expect way too much of myself, however, if I don't allow myself to search deep inside of my heart and soul, how am I going to find a satisfactory answer for it? And if I don't have an answer for it, who are going to answer it for me?

Anyways, life is too short and people have a tendency to procrastinate during most of their lifetime. So, if I know what I really expect of myself, I will also find ways to learn how I am going to achieve such expectation. To answer this important question could possibly be one of the most important things that you probably will ever do in your life because it will give an oportunity to think, to ponder, to reflect and visualize the very purpose of your life in this world.

I have met people from all over the world and from all walks of life, with different culture, beleifs and philosophies, however, it all comes down to one point, that we are the same and yet different, we all have a unique purpose and a reason of why we are living in this world and it is up to each one of us to figure it out.

I am fascinating in how my life has changed throughout my existence in this world and, I have to realize that whether you do something or not about your life, things will continue to change and evolve, noboby will stop the world for you, you must

Dec 4, 2008

The Big Three Dilemma!

Have you followed the news for the past few weeks? If so, you probably already heard about the three world largest automakers financial crisis. You also probably heard that these companies are talking to Washington on an attempt to get a bailout on the amount of $34 Billion, such huge amount according to the CEOs of these three big organizations, it should be enough to help prevent their corporations from filing for bankruptcy, however, the question that I have for all of you is whether these companies really deserve such bailout or not? Do you truly believe that they will prevent further problems down the road? What about the millions of dollars paid to the companies' top executives, why the organizations do something about these big salaries? What about tax payers, why aren't we being helped too?

Pleas, send your comments.

Nov 17, 2008

Credit Card Addiction!

In today's economic tormoil is extremmely important that people from all walks of life take time to analyze their current economic situation and determine what it matter most in their own life. If we stop for a second and reflect how we find ourselves in deep financial problems, we will realize that we cannot blame other people for the failures of our lives. For example: It is estimated that if we devided all the credit cards debts evenly among all Americans, the estimated is that each American would have $10,000 in debt and why is that? Please, think about it and send your opinions. Thank you