Dec 16, 2008

Do You Plan to Start a Business?

Do You Plan to Start a Business? But you don't know how to start it, do you?

In today's economic crisis people are getting laid off from their long time jobs which they once considered to be their ideal career, now, they are facing the ever growing unemployment trend and, things are getting even more complicated as the days go by.
With this economic problems, people must stop and ponder about the challenges that they are currently facing and strive to find alternative solutions to their individual problems. Some people will consider to look for inferior jobs with lower pay, others are considering to open their own business but, whatever it may be your alternative solution, it is important that you analyze carefully your choices to make sure that it is the right one.
For those who are planning to open their own business, I have decided to write about a few rules that it must be considered vital for your future business success. In total that are fifty business rules that it must be taken seriously because, the success of your business depends on major part of learning and practicing these rules on your future business ideas.

Before, I go ahead and write about these business rules, I would like to give the credits for the authors of such rules, Mr. Edward D. Hess and Charles F. Goetz, they wrote an excellent book about this business rules called "So You Want to Start a Business?". I have learned a great deal from this particular book and, therefore, I felt a great desire in sharing some of it with you.

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