Dec 16, 2008

Business Rule #1

"The Jerry McGuire Rule: Follow the Money--Cash is King." from the book "So, You Want to Start a Business? (by: Hess, E D. & Goetz C. F.)

Throughout my education in business, accounting, finance and management, I learned that any given person starts a business because of a simple reason, which is to make make money, a lot of money. Such ambition is perfectly normal and understandable. The fact is that, we all want to become financially independent and fulfill the dreams of our lives. Well, if we want to follow the path to make money, there is no better way than to open and run our own businesses and become our own bosses.

I have also learned from my own experiences that, it does not matter how happy we are with our current jobs, even if such jobs are the jobs of our dreams. The fact to the matter is that, we will never achieve our ultimate dreams of becoming financially independent because of the rules and limitations already established by our bosses for the positions we hold at the company that we work for. It is a fact that our bosses will always put a limit in what we can and cannot do, which consequently, it will bring frustration and deception to our lives and, our ultimate goals of achieving the so called "dream life" will slowly vanish in the horizon of our lives and, if we don't take any action before is too late, it might well be too late for some of us.

I am a kind of a person who believe that anybody can achieve his or her aspirations, dreams and passions, however, in order to do that, this someone must act. So, if you want to become wealth and you have a great idea, you should never give up your dreams, you must prepare yourself, your might, mind and soul and go to work for it. Don't never give up! If you want to make money and you have an idea, you must first believe in your idea and, then, you will be able to make others believers, that is how you business will give the first sign of live and before you know it, your company will have a name and address and, before you know it, you will have faithful customers.

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