Dec 21, 2008

Business Rule # 3

"Customers know best what they need." (Heed & Goetz).

Most entrepreneurs have failed or will fail to succeed their business ideas because they miss the opportunity to understand the real purpose of why they went or will go into business for at first place. They believe that the reason of why they started or will start their businesses is to fulfill their own needs or dreams and, consequently, to become financially independent.

Most entrepreneurs will set up their ideas to become a reality according to their dream visions, however, most entrepreneur fail to spend time in the single most important part of their business plan, which is their future customers.

A business most important complement of the perfect formula to succeed is its customers, therefore, one thinking in starting his or her own business must understand this particular area of the business very careful, otherwise, without a well thought out plan that clearly identity the importance of its customers, such business is failing to prepare and it is preparing to fail.

When starting a business, the entrepreneur must consider its customers needs every step of the way, the entrepreneur should also proactively accept their customers opinions and feedback, an entrepreneur who listen to his or her customers and try to understand what are in their minds, will likely achieve a more promising career success as an entrepreneur.

Customers are the ones who will keep you in business, without them you do not have a business, that is simple as that.

By: Joe Nogueira

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